GARDE’s new service “Re: Workplace” – Office Relocation Strategy that Changes the Way People Work

GARDE has been providing interior design, consulting, and coordination services for retail, hotels, large-scale commercial facilities, residences, and offices globally. Having built a remarkable clientele list including luxury brands in Europe and the U.S. and commercial properties in Asia, GARDE has recently launched real estate services to add to their design portfolio. The Real Estate department was established last March 2020. By establishing an in-house real estate team, GARDE is now able to provide additional support to clients for projects with a variety of needs. With their new service “Re: Workplace,” GARDE offers new solutions to the rapidly changing office environment.

What is Re: Workplace?

While the conventional work environment has traditionally had all employees working in one place, nowadays remote work and different work styles are diversifying to include telecommunication, satellites, and work shifts. Each company is making various changes to the way their offices are designed.

GARDE has therefore launched “Re: Workplace”, a service to support companies with their new office relocation strategies, based on the concept of “adapting to the new normal = the path to new corporate growth”.

GARDE, which has been providing business support globally, proposes the most suitable recommendation based on design and property recommendations according to usability and cost simulation by their real estate team. From relocation strategy support to office selection, schedule/cost management, and construction, GARDE provides integrated support for your office strategy geared towards the new normal.


GARDE Office Design

Redefining the core values of the office.

Office space requirements vary in purpose and needs, such as companies seeking to improve efficiency by integrating offices that have been dispersed, or those needing downsizing/ decentralizing in line with changes in work styles.  GARDE will work with you to design an office that fits your working style.

The most important aspect in creating an office is to provide a comfortable environment for employees in terms of both software and hardware. We believe that this makes it possible to achieve a good work-life balance, allowing more productivity and higher business performance in the office; ultimately leading to corporate sustainability.

GARDE’s mission is to create an office space where all employees create new value and evolve as a team.

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