GARDE is taking part in the creation of Polène’s inaugural flagship store in Asia, rene of the most sought-after brands from Paris. The store is poised to open its doors on September 1st.

Polène, a distinguished brand hailing from Paris, specializes in crafting leather goods. Since its establishment in 2016, Polène has been retailing its products through both a flagship store and an online platform. After making its way into the Japanese market in 2020 through online sales, the brand is now gearing up to launch its very first flagship store in Asia this year.

In this project, GARDE has held a pivotal role, overseeing the local architectural aspects, including the fundamental and execution designs, project management, and the construction itself.

The design of the new Polène store, like its counterparts in Paris and New York, has been envisioned by the French designer Valériane Lazard. While the core essence of Polène’s identity remains intact, this Tokyo store will also incorporate unique elements inspired by the city, such as fixtures with urushi lacquer touches, infusing a Japanese aesthetic.
The interior ambiance of the store has been meticulously curated, featuring highlights like large-scale midnight blue art glass, a creation of the French glass artist Emmanuel Barrois. Leather-crafted ceiling light fixtures and staircase railings, along with walls finished in sand plaster with subdued tones, collectively contribute to an environment that truly encapsulates the Polène experience.

♦About Polène
Founded in 2016 by a trio of siblings, the French House of Polène has gained recognition for its collection of fine leather goods and jewelry. These creations boast original forms that beautifully marry the minimalist approach with creative expression, all masterfully crafted by skilled artisans. The meticulous handcrafting process takes place in Ubrique, a Spanish city renowned for its rich heritage in leather craftsmanship.

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Polène EC Store:
Tokyo Store:
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Photographs courtesy of Polène.

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GARDE was honored to be involved in the production of CASETiFY STUDiO AMU PLAZA HAKATA and CASETiFY OSAKA.

CASETiFY is a smartphone case and tech accessory brand that gained popularity on social networking sites after its customizable smartphone cases and Apple watch bands became a hot topic among celebrities and influencers in Japan and abroad.

GARDE was responsible for the design, local architecture, and construction of two projects: Amu Plaza Hakata, the first store to open in the Kyushu area, and Osaka, the first flagship store in the brand’s history.


Amu Plaza Hakata is an eye-catching space with CASETiFY monogram and logo sign.

To promote a global environmentally friendly approach, “RECASETiFY” boxes are set up to collect used phone cases, not only the company’s own products, which can be recycled.

Open Date:March 3, 2023
Address:1F 1-1 Hakata station chuogai, Hakata, Fukuoka-city, Fukuoka.
Business Hours:10:00~20:00 (Business hours may vary.)


CASETiFY’s world’s first flagship store opens in Shinsaibashi.

The store, with a total sales floor space of 103.7㎡, was designed by world-renowned architect André Fu. The design pays homage to Japanese tradition and craftsmanship, harmonizing with CASETiFY’s stylish and creative impression to create a space that is finished to perfection.

Open Date:June 23, 2023
住所:2-8-2, Shinsaibashi-suji, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Business Hours:10:00~21:00 (Business hours may vary.)


Image Source:CASETiFY

GARDE Project Awarded at Worldwide Design Awards

The International Property Awards, established in 1993, have rapidly gained renown as one of the most prestigious awards based in the U.K. Meanwhile, the Muse Design Award, introduced by the New York-based IAA, aims to honor creative and design professionals and enjoys widespread recognition worldwide.

GARDE’s outstanding projects have been recognized and awarded at these esteemed international competitions. Further details are provided below.

International Property awards 2023-2024
– Award Overview
The International Property Awards were created to celebrate excellence in the property and real estate industry across all sectors. The competition is divided into nine regions, including the UK, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe, and is evaluated by a team of experienced professionals representing various real estate domains.

– Project Overview
Winning entry:Candeo hotels Kyoto karasuma rokkaku
Category:Hotel Interior in the Asia Pacific region
For more information about the project, please visit the following link:

Muse Design Award 2023
– Award Overview
Established in 2015, the MUSE Design Awards pay tribute to creative and design professionals, with judging conducted by a panel of approximately 40 international experts. The organizers, International Awards Associate (IAA), are deeply committed to advancing the industry by discovering and recognizing both new and established talent.

– Project Overview
Winning entry:Prince smart inn Kyoto sanjo
Category:Hotels & Resorts
To explore more details about the project, please visit the following link:

GARDE actively participates in various national and international awards each year, aiming to promote the excellence of its spaces and designs even after the completion of property projects.

The Metaverse Expo Tokyo: Exhibition Reports

The Metaverse Expo Tokyo took place at Tokyo Big Sight from June 28th to 30th, 2023, drawing an impressive crowd of approximately 47,000 visitors throughout the three-day event.

GARDE participated in the expo as “Team Meta 3030,” a dedicated group focused on providing innovative technologies to companies involved in various metaverse-related businesses. Led by a highly skilled architect from GARDE, the team brought the metaverse space to life based on authentic museum design drawings, achieving an unprecedented level of realism using current technology.

With the integration of cutting-edge visual effects technology, voice technology, chat functions, and avatar technology, the team aimed to create a metaverse space that is both captivating and scalable.

During the exhibition, GARDE offered visitors a hands-on experience of “COCO WARP,” a metaverse museum showcasing these advanced technologies. The team also took the opportunity to explain their metaverse business to interested attendees.

Staff members at the GARDE booth engaging with visitors, providing explanations about their services. The back monitor showcasing images of the Metaverse Museum of Art, “COCO WARP,” garnered significant attention from the crowd.

Many visitors immersed themselves in the realistic metaverse space using VR goggles, experiencing the cutting-edge technology firsthand.

The booth featured 3D avatars, skillfully crafted to appear three-dimensional from various angles. The avatars received positive feedback from attendees. Additionally, GARDE is developing a service that enables users to create their own unique avatars.

The exhibition served as a platform for GARDE to showcase their technological advancements in the metaverse, leaving a strong impression on visitors and industry professionals alike.

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GARDE’s New Business “Metaverse Spatial Design” Exhibits at Metaverse Expo Tokyo 2023.

Under the concept of “infinite creation, one technology, into the unknown,” GARDE launched its new metaverse business in 2023. By utilizing our network from a wide range of business fields and our strength in providing sophisticated designs that we have cultivated over the years; we aim to offer metaverse spaces created by our first-class architects that will stand out among other companies in the same industry.

At the Metaverse Comprehensive Exhibition, visitors can experience COCO WARP, the Metaverse Museum, which is scheduled to pre-open on June 15. The museum is designed and produced by GARDE and operated by Aoyama Design Forum. The metaverse space, constructed from the design drawings in the same way as the actual architectural flow, is a space that feels comfortable compared to the real world. On the day of the exhibition, visitors will be able to experience this world with an even greater sense of realism using VR goggles.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


Introduction video of “COCO WARP” Metaverse Museum of Art

♦Invitation Ticket
(One invitation ticket per person is required to enter the exhibition. Please present it at the reception desk.)

Please apply for the VIP invitations below, eligible for  those who are department managers and above.

Exhibition Outline
Title: 1st Metaverse Expo Tokyo [SUMMER] – meta NEXT –
Date:June 28th (Wed) – 30th (Fri), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Exhibit Information
Booth Number: 24-39
Company website:

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