Regional Development Initiative: “Tabiico Photo Contest 2024 Spring” in Collaboration with Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture

The “Tabiico Photo Contest 2024 Spring” represents a collaborative effort between “tabiico,” a tourism resource search site operated by NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), and Iide Town in Yamagata Prefecture. This initiative aims to showcase the captivating charm of Iide Town through the lens of photography.

One of Iide Town’s standout attractions is the “submerged forest of Lake Shirakawa” renowned for its stunning photogenic vistas. Visitors are treated to a breathtaking sight, especially during the blooming season of Sakura, which occurs from April to May each year.

Application Methods
1. Follow the official tabiico SNS
2. Post one photo per post with the following hashtag:
#タビイコフォトコン飯豊町 # Name of the spot in the photo (e.g., #Submerged forest of Shirakawa Lake).

Application period
March 23, 2024 – May 19, 2024

Prizes include Yonezawa beef produced in Iide Town, Tsuya-Hime, Shirakawa Lake canoeing experience, and other delightful rewards that showcase the charm of Iide Town.
For detailed application instructions, please click here.

GARDE actively supports the exploration and promotion of local tourism resources in collaboration with community development initiatives.

“Tabiico” is a web media platform dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and sharing local tourism gems in partnership with affiliated municipalities. With over 150 member municipalities across Japan, our mission is to foster regional development through tourism by showcasing the distinctive attractions of each region on a national scale, while incorporating local insights and perspectives.

Explore more at:

Stay tuned for upcoming international versions of Instagram, which will serve as a platform to highlight Japan’s captivating allure to a global audience.

[Flash NEWS] GARDE exhibited at “2nd Metaverse Expo Tokyo Autumn.”

Our Metaverse Division at GARDE exhibited a booth at the “2nd Metaverse Expo Tokyo Autumn” held at Makuhari Messe from October 25th to the 27th. This exhibition provided a valuable opportunity to experience the latest technology and services offered by various companies and organizations in the metaverse business, as well as to engage in business negotiations. Many visitors came to our booth right from the beginning of the first day, and a total of 29,593 people visited the exhibition over the three-day period, making it a great success.

At this year’s booth, which was a consecutive exhibit since the previous 1st Metaverse Expo 2023, visitors had the chance to enjoy “COCO WARP”’ a metaverse museum planned, designed, and produced by GARDE, within the metaverse space of the online game Fortnite.

Visitors also had the opportunity to experience the “AI fitting service,” expected to be utilized in the fashion e-commerce business.

For nearly 40 years, GARDE has worked closely with our clients, cultivating cutting-edge information and achievements in consulting, design, and coordination, which are now being applied in the metaverse space as well.

Please continue to look forward to GARDE’s further evolution in the field of DX in the future.

GARDE plans and produces the “Regional Revitalization Design Award,” a project commemorating the 140th anniversary of Tobishima’s establishment.

GARDE is committed to sharing the client’s vision and providing support in brand building and value enhancement through the three pillars of “consulting,” “design,” and “coordination.”

We are excited to announce the “Regional Revitalization Design Award,” a project planned and produced by GARDE to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Tobishima Corporation’s establishment.

As part of Tobishima’s 140th-anniversary commemorative project, known as the “Project to Energize Local Regions,” we are calling for innovative ideas to promote the transformation of local regions through LX (Local Transformation). Our aim is to turn these regions into stages for new challenges, including local revitalization, problem-solving, efficiency improvement, and convenience enhancement.

■Award Concept Movie

■Award Overview
Title: Regional Revitalization Design Award
– Tobishima’s 140th Anniversary –

Theme: Design for Regional Revitalization
*Any idea that addresses this social issue is welcome, regardless of its form of expression.

Application period: August 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024

Application Method: Please submit your ideas using the entry form at https://tobishima-award.com/

Eligibility: Applicants must be individuals or groups aged 16-35 as of April 1, 2023, and residing in Japan. In the case of a group application, all members must meet the eligibility requirements, and the consent of all members is required.

Number of Entries: Each applicant is allowed to submit one entry as an individual or as part of a group. Individual applicants cannot submit duplicate entries as group members.

Application Requirements: Entrants must agree to and abide by the “Regional Revitalization Design Award Application Guidelines” when applying for the award.

Composition of Awards:
– Grand Prize (1 winner): 3 million yen
– Outstanding Performance (3 winners): 1,000,000 yen each
– Honorable Mention (3 winners): 300,000 yen each
– Encouragement Prize (5 winners): 100,000 yen each
In addition to these prizes, there will be special awards to further recognize outstanding contributions.

For more details, terms, and conditions, please visit the following link: https://tobishima-award.com/

■Press Release
For additional information, please refer to the press release:

The Metaverse Expo Tokyo: Exhibition Reports

The Metaverse Expo Tokyo took place at Tokyo Big Sight from June 28th to 30th, 2023, drawing an impressive crowd of approximately 47,000 visitors throughout the three-day event.

GARDE participated in the expo as “Team Meta 3030,” a dedicated group focused on providing innovative technologies to companies involved in various metaverse-related businesses. Led by a highly skilled architect from GARDE, the team brought the metaverse space to life based on authentic museum design drawings, achieving an unprecedented level of realism using current technology.

With the integration of cutting-edge visual effects technology, voice technology, chat functions, and avatar technology, the team aimed to create a metaverse space that is both captivating and scalable.

During the exhibition, GARDE offered visitors a hands-on experience of “COCO WARP,” a metaverse museum showcasing these advanced technologies. The team also took the opportunity to explain their metaverse business to interested attendees.

Staff members at the GARDE booth engaging with visitors, providing explanations about their services. The back monitor showcasing images of the Metaverse Museum of Art, “COCO WARP,” garnered significant attention from the crowd.

Many visitors immersed themselves in the realistic metaverse space using VR goggles, experiencing the cutting-edge technology firsthand.

The booth featured 3D avatars, skillfully crafted to appear three-dimensional from various angles. The avatars received positive feedback from attendees. Additionally, GARDE is developing a service that enables users to create their own unique avatars.

The exhibition served as a platform for GARDE to showcase their technological advancements in the metaverse, leaving a strong impression on visitors and industry professionals alike.

For inquiries regarding this matter or Metaverse service, please contact us here.

GARDE’s New Business “Metaverse Spatial Design” Exhibits at Metaverse Expo Tokyo 2023.

Under the concept of “infinite creation, one technology, into the unknown,” GARDE launched its new metaverse business in 2023. By utilizing our network from a wide range of business fields and our strength in providing sophisticated designs that we have cultivated over the years; we aim to offer metaverse spaces created by our first-class architects that will stand out among other companies in the same industry.

At the Metaverse Comprehensive Exhibition, visitors can experience COCO WARP, the Metaverse Museum, which is scheduled to pre-open on June 15. The museum is designed and produced by GARDE and operated by Aoyama Design Forum. The metaverse space, constructed from the design drawings in the same way as the actual architectural flow, is a space that feels comfortable compared to the real world. On the day of the exhibition, visitors will be able to experience this world with an even greater sense of realism using VR goggles.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.


Introduction video of “COCO WARP” Metaverse Museum of Art

♦Invitation Ticket
(One invitation ticket per person is required to enter the exhibition. Please present it at the reception desk.)

Please apply for the VIP invitations below, eligible for  those who are department managers and above.

Exhibition Outline
Title: 1st Metaverse Expo Tokyo [SUMMER] – meta NEXT –
Date:June 28th (Wed) – 30th (Fri), 2023
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Exhibit Information
Booth Number: 24-39
Company website:  https://garde-intl.com/?lang=EN

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