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The platform for investment, buying and selling, and brokerage information from a round the world. Release of “Real Estate Global Service (REGS),” a submission-based real estate website!

The global Corona pandemic has made it difficult for real estate agents to search for properties by foot or to visit properties directly and exchange information face-to-face as they have done in the past.

The same can be said of the design and construction industry.

However, looking around the world, the number of overseas real estate transactions in 2021 will be a 207% increase from those in 2020, spurring real estate purchases with an eye toward the after-corona.

Real estate agents are also finding new sales channels by establishing new sales met hods, such as online remote business negotiations, even with travel restrictions in place.

In the real estate industry, which has taken a new step forward in the midst of the Corona disaster, our company has developed over a long period of time the hard aspects of space and architectural design and the experience to create them, knowledgeable and skilled human resources (designers and PMs), and the ability to provide optimal solutions from an inclusive standpoint for various projects, both domestic and international, in any industry. We have developed and launched “REGS” to further improve our services while integrating both the soft aspects of providing performance and total solutions.









■What is “REGS”?
REGS is a submission-based real estate information site that allows anyone to register, view, and inquire about your real estate information at any time.
In addition to investment, sales, and rental information held by companies, real estate operators and managers of idle properties in various countries can post property information free of charge, and a wide range of content, including information on real estate trends from the ASEAN region, where business has been remarkably active in recent years, can be easily viewed without the need for membership registration or other troublesome procedures.
※Please note that it may take some time for us to respond on our holidays such as year-end and New Year holidays.
※Only properties that can be disclosed will be posted after screening the registered information.
※Please understand that it may take some time after registration to be published, and that publication is not guaranteed.

■The contents that make up “REGS” are…
1. News
Provides a variety of information including the latest news related to real estate in Japan and abroad.
2. Real estate property information
◎Investment property information, property information for sale, property information for lease.
◎Introducing the areas of EU, U.S., Japan, ASEAN, etc.
3. Real estate property registration
*All you need to do is fill in the form with the required information, attach an image, and you’re registered!
4. Contact Form
5. Domestic and overseas real estate business partners
















●REGS official page:

GARDE’s Strength: Unparalleled Space and Brand Design.

GARDE provides one-stop support for companies to enter the Japanese and overseas markets, from conceptualization to realization, making full use of its network and know-how cultivated through domestic and international brand businesses.

For 36 years, GARDE has been optimizing and increasing the value of businesses through design and branding, the mainstay and greatest strength of our business, in addition to consulting and coordination, such as setting up investors in the business, supporting the development of business strategies, and supporting solid store opening strategies.

For GARDE, domestic and international solution services are the pillars of our business, and it is also the business that we are focusing on further improving. In this section, we will focus on our domestic and international real estate development business.

#1. Overseas Real Estate Investment Projects
◆Solution services from a global perspective
GARDE has branch offices in 10 overseas locations, and, with our proven track record, a network of domestic and overseas companies and investors which enables us to obtain quality information faster than anyone else. GARDE conducts research and analysis in each market and category, and based on the results, provides support from the early stages of business planning. We provide multifaceted support to maximize business value.
◆GARDE’s proven track record and strong pipeline in the ASEAN Region
GARDE has a proven track record of success in the ASEAN region and has earned a solid reputation as a result. The ASEAN economy has grown six-fold in the past two decades, with rising incomes and purchasing power. Needless to say, ASEAN is attracting a great deal of attention as an overseas real estate investment destination for investors from all over the world.
◆Corona’s impact on overseas real estate investment
While the Corona disaster is still in its infancy, policy interest rates have been lowered in both developed and emerging economies in order to limit any negative economic impact. This adjustment phase can be seen as a good opportunity for investment. However, it is also true that it is difficult to make contact with people due to restrictions on overseas travel. GARDE, which has a long history as a reliable agent with a proven track record in Japan and abroad and branch offices in various countries, will support your overseas real estate investment.






#2: Utilization of idle real estate projects
In recent years, there has been a movement to effectively utilize “idle real estate,” or real estate that is rarely used for business activities, as one of the important projects to revitalize the region and turn it into an “asset” that creates new value.
Examples of underutilized real estate include shared offices, company dormitories, recreational facilities, and suburban satellite offices for businesses and corporations. Other idle real estate includes hotels, auto campgrounds, and BBQ facilities for tourism, leisure, and community purposes; event spaces that integrate cafes and art spaces; warehouses and factories for logistics and production purposes; medical facilities and elderly care facilities for healthcare purposes; and rental farms, allotments, and solar power plants for sustainability purposes.
GARDE also provides total support for the utilization of these idle properties. GARDE is a space design and branding company that has been providing business support both in Japan and overseas, and our strength lies in our ability to gather information and design ahead of the times. GARDE’s strengths are our wealth of information and state-of-the-art design power”, combined with the real estate brokerage team’s ability to gather property information and effective usability and cost simulation. We provide integrated support, from real estate search (property, land), schedule/cost management, to construction. We provide not only optimal proposals but also comprehensive support for the utilization and management of idle real estate.

GARDE’s new service “Re: Workplace” – Office Relocation Strategy that Changes the Way People Work

GARDE has been providing interior design, consulting, and coordination services for retail, hotels, large-scale commercial facilities, residences, and offices globally. Having built a remarkable clientele list including luxury brands in Europe and the U.S. and commercial properties in Asia, GARDE has recently launched real estate services to add to their design portfolio. The Real Estate department was established last March 2020. By establishing an in-house real estate team, GARDE is now able to provide additional support to clients for projects with a variety of needs. With their new service “Re: Workplace,” GARDE offers new solutions to the rapidly changing office environment.

What is Re: Workplace?

While the conventional work environment has traditionally had all employees working in one place, nowadays remote work and different work styles are diversifying to include telecommunication, satellites, and work shifts. Each company is making various changes to the way their offices are designed.

GARDE has therefore launched “Re: Workplace”, a service to support companies with their new office relocation strategies, based on the concept of “adapting to the new normal = the path to new corporate growth”.

GARDE, which has been providing business support globally, proposes the most suitable recommendation based on design and property recommendations according to usability and cost simulation by their real estate team. From relocation strategy support to office selection, schedule/cost management, and construction, GARDE provides integrated support for your office strategy geared towards the new normal.


GARDE Office Design

Redefining the core values of the office.

Office space requirements vary in purpose and needs, such as companies seeking to improve efficiency by integrating offices that have been dispersed, or those needing downsizing/ decentralizing in line with changes in work styles.  GARDE will work with you to design an office that fits your working style.

The most important aspect in creating an office is to provide a comfortable environment for employees in terms of both software and hardware. We believe that this makes it possible to achieve a good work-life balance, allowing more productivity and higher business performance in the office; ultimately leading to corporate sustainability.

GARDE’s mission is to create an office space where all employees create new value and evolve as a team.

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