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What is a Rose Quartz Infused Aroma Massage Candle?

Rose quartz is a pink-colored quartz, known in Japanese as “kōsui-shō,” “kōsekiei,” or “bara-sekiei.” It is the birthstone for October, symbolizing beauty and love. In Western countries, it is often called the “love stone” and is popular as a power stone, believed to foster love and serve as a charm for romantic success.

It is also said to enhance affectionate relationships and good interpersonal connections, which can lead to improved communication in the workplace and, consequently, better career prospects. The rose quartz is ground to a fine powder and blended with organic oils and waxes. This blend can be enjoyed as an aroma candle or used as a massage oil. Wearing semi-precious stones directly on your skin and enjoying the rich fragrance and flickering flames can become an irreplaceable experience and a special ritual. Another characteristic is that, unlike general aromas that contain alcohol or water, these candles use 100% natural essential oils.

Currently, the lineup includes combinations such as rose-based essential oils with rose quartz, lavender-based essential oils with moonstone, and mandarin (citrus) based essential oils with fluorite power stones. Among these, the rose combination discussed in this article is the most popular.

The glimmer of glass, which reflects the flame in a kaleidoscope of light, and the octagram (eight-pointed star) motif of the inner lid create an enchanting interplay of light and shadow that is captivating enough to make you lose track of time.

※ The octagram, an eight-sided figure, symbolizes completeness, regeneration, and infinite cycles, and is believed to bring good fortune.

Enhancing Your Space to Create a True “Sanctuary”

The role of interior design in our daily lives is significant, whether during work or leisure. By incorporating highly aesthetic elements like the aroma candles introduced here into the inherent functionality of interior design, which enhances efficiency and provides a sense of security, a space can truly transform into a “sanctuary.”


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