GARDE For Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Tokyo Office Designing a comfortable workplace to reflect corporate brand

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, a global leader in digital reality solutions that integrate sensors, software, and autonomous control technologies, is dedicated to advancing the world towards a sustainable future.

GARDE is honored to oversee the interior design, graphic design, construction management, and furniture selection for the renovation of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s Tokyo office.

Feature Wall Reflecting the Brand Identity

In the reception area, the first space to greet guests, a feature wall has been crafted to immerse visitors in the corporate brand experience. Drawing inspiration from Hexagon’s diverse range of services in the industrial sector, the feature wall combines perforated metal panels, ribbed wood stained in corporate colors, and specially textured plastering.

Creating a Comfortable and Flexible Workplace

In response to the evolving work dynamics post-COVID-19, we transitioned from fixed seating to Activity Based Working (ABW) at new workplace. ABW empowers employees to choose their work time and location based on their tasks and preferences, fostering flexibility and productivity.

Our goal was to rejuvenate internal communication and productivity by establishing a hybrid workplace conducive to diverse activities. To achieve this, we designed collaboration spaces, solo workstations, a café, and a pantry within the workplace area, forming a dynamic “new communication space.”

Furthermore, we enhanced the ambiance with walls adorned in graphic sheets featuring corporate colors and custom wallpapers inspired by the corporate logo. These elements not only reflect client’s brand identity but also contribute to creating an inspiring and cohesive work environment.

Selecting Environmentally Friendly Materials

In line with the client’s commitment to sustainability, our office design integrates environmentally friendly materials throughout. This includes pendant lighting crafted from recycled and natural wood, 100% recyclable carpeting, and PVC tiles sourced from recycled flooring materials, emphasizing our dedication to minimizing environmental impact.

To further enhance the workspace, greenery has been strategically incorporated. Not only does this add a touch of nature to the office environment, but it also promotes relaxation, reduces eye strain, and boosts productivity. By bringing elements of the outdoors indoors, we aim to create a workspace that not only supports employee well-being but also fosters a deeper connection to nature.

■Designer Profile
Nobuyuki Ueno
International Design Division, Office Department, Chief Designer
Joined GARDE after working for a domestic design firm, where he was involved in a diverse array of interior design projects, including offices, hotels, and commercial facilities. He also gained experience in interior design at an Australian design firm. He consistently strives to propose innovative activities and values, always approaching his work with a global perspective.

■Scope of work
Interior Design, Graphic Design, Construction Supervision, Furniture Selection

■Property Information
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Office Design
Completion and Handover Date: 2023/ 10
Floor Area: 1026㎡

■About Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence provides data-driven solutions from design to engineering, engineering to metrology to support customers in manufacturing even smarter products.

Image Credit: Kenji MASUNAGA

From Capsule Hotels to Napping Pods in the City: All You Need to Know About giraffenap, the Japanese Standing Sleeping Pods.

You might be familiar with the Japanese culture of capsule hotels, just think of the recently demolished Nakagin Capsule Tower, an iconic piece of architecture from 1972 once located in the luxury shopping district of Ginza.

Most recently, a new type of capsule, or better, a pod, has sparked conversation on both YouTube and TikTok, where influencers first started reporting their experiences. Very quickly, design magazines have picked up on “giraffenap”, the sleeping pod.

Different from capsule hotels, this special pod is not meant to be used at nighttime. The creators advise not taking a nap after 3 pm as it can interfere with nighttime sleep. Instead, the pod is designed for a refreshing 20-minute power nap at midday.

By a combination of the Japanese eye for detail and design technology, each giraffenap standing sleeping pod consists of cushioned parts that support the head, buttocks, shins, and soles. By targeting these four points, users can enter a nap state without compromising relaxation and posture.

The pods also come in two styles to best support different surroundings: Spacia, with a sleek and futuristic design; and Forest, with a Japanese aesthetic of lattice-style woodwork. Both are equipped with dimming lights, ventilation, and power outlets to charge devices while napping.

As companies increasingly focus on employee wellbeing, we believe this is an interesting solution to implement in offices. It’s recommended to have a safe space where people can take a brief rest when needed, by recharging creative batteries and without compromising nighttime sleep.

Photo: giraffenap

This Is the Product of Collaboration Between Kyoto’s Traditional Crafts and Sound Art.

An auditory interior called “Synclee” was successfully completed through the joint development of three companies: the media lab “Laatry”; the brand “LinNe,” created by the collaboration of “Nanjo Kobo” (Nanjo Workshop) known for producing Kyoto Buddhist bells (“orin”); and “Bench Work Tatenui,” a company with expertise in Kyoto woodwork techniques.

Driven by Laatry’s concept of “transmitting and harmonizing” and the combination of “traditional techniques and the workshop’s unique materials”, the sound produced by “LinNe” aims to harmonize with modern lifestyles, encouraging people to enjoy music freely. The result of this collaboration is “CYCLEE,” which has already been showcased in various environments such as galleries, museums, hotels, temples, and public spaces.

“Synclee,” derived from this sound installation artwork, is designed and crafted by an atelier with expertise in Kyoto woodwork techniques. This made the product gain attention both domestically and internationally for it seamlessly fits into any space.

Likewise, GARDE has brought various collaborations to life in its previous space design projects. Harmony in design, varying from classical to modern spaces, is crucial, and the choice of “appropriate design” for audio equipment is sought after in this case.

In this regard, Synclee’s aesthetics harmonize effortlessly regardless of Japanese or Western, classical or modern influences. This product, which places emphasis on the harmony of sound quality and form, is therefore to be considered a rare and exceptional creation.

Furthermore, integrating the latest audio equipment into a traditional Japanese room poses challenges, making Synclee an outstanding product. Its digital yet analog operability, its collaboration with a workshop specializing in the important Buddhist instrument “orin,” and other aspects make it an endlessly fascinating creation.

For further information, please visit the following link.

GARDE selected News: Party Wear for The Metaverse

OpenFashion, Inc. has announced the results of its design contest with the theme of “Attire for Countdown Parties in the Metaverse.”

The three selected designs will be released as avatar-wearable items on the metaverse platform “ZEPETO” by the AI-powered fashion brand “accelerando.Ai.”

COCO WARP, the metaverse space produced by GARDE, allows users to control a similarly future-themed avatar. It is made for activities like art appreciation, audio-visual experiences, music, and virtual conferences. In this virtual space, you can enjoy creations that incorporate designs and functionalities that would not be possible in the physical world.

The metaverse, with its acceptance of diversity, is becoming an integral part of our culture and lifestyle. It is transcending the virtual realm, blurring the lines between “virtual” and “real.” A future in which we increasingly utilize this new space is coming.

For further information, please visit the following link.

Image credit: OpenFashion, Inc.

GARDE For “Louis Poulsen Tokyo”: The World’s First Directly Operated Flagship Store Opens on November 10, 2023

Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting brand with a rich history, founded in 1874.

The brand has operated a contract showroom, but the opening of the world’s first company-operated flagship store, “Louis Poulsen Tokyo,” in Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, is garnering attention as a space accessible to a broader range of customers.

As part of the store’s transformation into a flagship establishment, GARDE was entrusted with local architecture, project management, and construction.

Taking inspiration from traditional design, materials, and coloring, the store embodies the new brand identity of Louis Poulsen, revamped in January 2023. Adorning the exterior wall near the entrance is the newly installed logo, representing the initials “LP” for Louis Poulsen. Additionally, the three-shade lamp, one of the brand’s most iconic and innovative designs, is elegantly showcased.

Immerse yourself in this enchanting new store and indulge in the high-end lighting crafted with passionate craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and innovative design.

To explore more about the Louis Poulsen Tokyo Store, please visit the following link.

Louis Poulsen Tokyo Store
Address: AY Bldg. 1F & 2F, 3-2-2 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:00-19:00, open year-round

Event website:
Official website:

Image Credit: Louis Poulsen

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