This Is the Product of Collaboration Between Kyoto’s Traditional Crafts and Sound Art.

An auditory interior called “Synclee” was successfully completed through the joint development of three companies: the media lab “Laatry”; the brand “LinNe,” created by the collaboration of “Nanjo Kobo” (Nanjo Workshop) known for producing Kyoto Buddhist bells (“orin”); and “Bench Work Tatenui,” a company with expertise in Kyoto woodwork techniques.

Driven by Laatry’s concept of “transmitting and harmonizing” and the combination of “traditional techniques and the workshop’s unique materials”, the sound produced by “LinNe” aims to harmonize with modern lifestyles, encouraging people to enjoy music freely. The result of this collaboration is “CYCLEE,” which has already been showcased in various environments such as galleries, museums, hotels, temples, and public spaces.

“Synclee,” derived from this sound installation artwork, is designed and crafted by an atelier with expertise in Kyoto woodwork techniques. This made the product gain attention both domestically and internationally for it seamlessly fits into any space.

Likewise, GARDE has brought various collaborations to life in its previous space design projects. Harmony in design, varying from classical to modern spaces, is crucial, and the choice of “appropriate design” for audio equipment is sought after in this case.

In this regard, Synclee’s aesthetics harmonize effortlessly regardless of Japanese or Western, classical or modern influences. This product, which places emphasis on the harmony of sound quality and form, is therefore to be considered a rare and exceptional creation.

Furthermore, integrating the latest audio equipment into a traditional Japanese room poses challenges, making Synclee an outstanding product. Its digital yet analog operability, its collaboration with a workshop specializing in the important Buddhist instrument “orin,” and other aspects make it an endlessly fascinating creation.

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