From Capsule Hotels to Napping Pods in the City: All You Need to Know About giraffenap, the Japanese Standing Sleeping Pods.

You might be familiar with the Japanese culture of capsule hotels, just think of the recently demolished Nakagin Capsule Tower, an iconic piece of architecture from 1972 once located in the luxury shopping district of Ginza.

Most recently, a new type of capsule, or better, a pod, has sparked conversation on both YouTube and TikTok, where influencers first started reporting their experiences. Very quickly, design magazines have picked up on “giraffenap”, the sleeping pod.

Different from capsule hotels, this special pod is not meant to be used at nighttime. The creators advise not taking a nap after 3 pm as it can interfere with nighttime sleep. Instead, the pod is designed for a refreshing 20-minute power nap at midday.

By a combination of the Japanese eye for detail and design technology, each giraffenap standing sleeping pod consists of cushioned parts that support the head, buttocks, shins, and soles. By targeting these four points, users can enter a nap state without compromising relaxation and posture.

The pods also come in two styles to best support different surroundings: Spacia, with a sleek and futuristic design; and Forest, with a Japanese aesthetic of lattice-style woodwork. Both are equipped with dimming lights, ventilation, and power outlets to charge devices while napping.

As companies increasingly focus on employee wellbeing, we believe this is an interesting solution to implement in offices. It’s recommended to have a safe space where people can take a brief rest when needed, by recharging creative batteries and without compromising nighttime sleep.

Photo: giraffenap

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