GARDE For “THE APOLLO” Modern Greek Cuisine from Sydney in a Chic Interior

THE APOLLO, a modern Greek restaurant from Sydney, Australia, created by Jonathan Barthelmess and Sam Christie, opened in Ginza in 2016. Eight years after its opening, the restaurant continues to be very popular.

GARDE was responsible for the interior design and construction at the time of opening and is currently involved in the maintenance and renovation of the restaurant.

The interior features large glass windows and a skeleton ceiling, creating an open and spacious impression.

The interior, with its attention to detail, including marble countertops, arm lighting, and warm wood furniture, is consistent with the head office in Sydney, creating a chic and cool appearance.

Healthy Greek cuisine is prepared with fresh ingredients, olive oil, vegetables, and seafood. At THE APOLLO, guests can enjoy Greek cuisine with a twist, where tradition is blended with a beautifully modernized menu.

Address: 11F, TOKYU PLAZA GINZA, 5-2-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo

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