Not Just for Hanami: Japan’s Latest Sakura Trend

The sakura blooming season, which can usually be enjoyed from late March to mid-April, will soon arrive. The sakura viewing spots that were restricted due to the Covid-19 have now been completely lifted, and both Japanese and foreign tourists are excited about this first post-Corona sakura viewing season.

The Meguro River, a famous hanami spot, is so well known as a tourist attraction that cruise tours are organized during the period, and at night, the illuminated sakura tunnels create a fantastic world on the surface of the river.

In recent years, home-use interior decorations have become popular for those who want to enjoy sakura viewing in a more convenient way.

Sakura growing kits that even beginners can easily grow and sakura bonsai that can be used to accent interior decorations are excellent items for adding color to spring at home.

In addition, viewing sakura is not the only way to enjoy them.

For example, the Israel cosmetics brand SABON has upcycled the sakura trees decorating the interior of its flagship store in the spring of 2023.

After attracting many visitors, the sakura trees are not disposed of as they are, but rather are sawn, dried, carefully processed, and reborn as hand mirrors, which are sold in limited quantities.

This kind of sustainable approach not only preserves the environment but also provides people with new values and ways of enjoying their creations.

When the blooming season arrives, sakura are in full bloom everywhere, making the entire city turn into sakura colors.

While there are traditional ways to enjoy sakura, such as the traditional Hanami event, there are also some cases where sakura are used as materials for interior decorations, and there are also some efforts to provide consumers with added value.

How about finding your own way to enjoy sakura that Japan can be proud of?

Image Credit: Mark Tegethoff, Unsplash, *takechaaaan*, makoto.h, photo AC

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