GARDE Project Awarded at Worldwide Design Awards

The International Property Awards, established in 1993, have rapidly gained renown as one of the most prestigious awards based in the U.K. Meanwhile, the Muse Design Award, introduced by the New York-based IAA, aims to honor creative and design professionals and enjoys widespread recognition worldwide.

GARDE’s outstanding projects have been recognized and awarded at these esteemed international competitions. Further details are provided below.

International Property awards 2023-2024
– Award Overview
The International Property Awards were created to celebrate excellence in the property and real estate industry across all sectors. The competition is divided into nine regions, including the UK, Asia Pacific, Africa, and Europe, and is evaluated by a team of experienced professionals representing various real estate domains.

– Project Overview
Winning entry:Candeo hotels Kyoto karasuma rokkaku
Category:Hotel Interior in the Asia Pacific region
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Muse Design Award 2023
– Award Overview
Established in 2015, the MUSE Design Awards pay tribute to creative and design professionals, with judging conducted by a panel of approximately 40 international experts. The organizers, International Awards Associate (IAA), are deeply committed to advancing the industry by discovering and recognizing both new and established talent.

– Project Overview
Winning entry:Prince smart inn Kyoto sanjo
Category:Hotels & Resorts
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GARDE actively participates in various national and international awards each year, aiming to promote the excellence of its spaces and designs even after the completion of property projects.

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