“Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Sanjo”, “Candeo Hotels Kyoto Karasuma Rokkaku” designed by GARDE were awarded in the “Outstanding Property Award London 2022”!

The Outstanding Property Award London was created to recognize the efforts of talented international real estate developers, architects, and interior designers in creating practical and thoughtful properties and projects that make our lives better. The projects are selected by a jury of leading real estate professionals.

In such Outstanding Property Award London2022, “Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Sanjo” and “Candeo Hotels Kyoto Karasuma Rokkaku” were awarded.

The following is an overview of the entries for each project:

Prince Smart Inn Kyoto Sanjo
Category:Interior design/Hotels Boutique
Concept: The design theme for the main space is “learning from the past”. Mixing inorganic and modern industrial materials such as concrete and deck plates with materials and furnishings such as bare lighting and big tables made of old lumber that have been milled for over 100 years, the space expresses warmth and nostalgia for the long passage of time that Kyoto has nurtured, as well as a future that allows and develops the newness that Kyoto has to offer.This is expressed from the approach. As you pass through the facade, which is a modern arrangement of a traditional machiya (townhouse), we have devised a way to heighten the sense of anticipation for this hotel by installing “noren,” which gently controls the light and visibility from outside.

Candeo Hotels Kyoto Karasuma Rokkaku
Category:Interior design/Historical
Concept: Comparing the preciousness of the traditional architecture of the “Former Ban Family Residence” to the brilliance of a jewel, we have created a glittering decoration reminiscent of jewels in key places. These glittering decorations are a modern interpretation of traditional Kyoto crafts and ornaments and will be the “bijoux” that will adorn the new color scheme of the Ban Family Residence.
To achieve a design that blends in and harmonizes with the surrounding environment, which is rich in historical buildings and historical aspects, the straight lines characteristic of Japanese-style architecture are utilized while the patterns combine travertine colors and warm pink-bronze details to create a Western-style design space with an unexpected feel.

GARDE enters several national and international awards each year with the aim of spreading the word about the excellence of its space and design, even after the property design has been completed.

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