Report on Milan Design Week: ADF×Milan Architects Association×GARDE joint exhibition

On the 8th of June 2022, a reception party was held at GARDE ITALY S.R.L. showroom for the exhibition of the best award-winning works of “ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2022”. The event involved presentations to the Milano Salone jury, national media and other Italian companies. Around 100 people attended in light rain.

The “ADF Milano Salone Design Award” is an international design award for creators and artists from around the world. Organized by NPO Aoyama Design Forum (ADF), it is regarded as a gateway to success for young creators, attracting many entries every year.

The design theme for this year’s “ADF Milano Salone Design Award 2022” is ‘re_’. The evaluation is based on the quality of the design (beauty of form, choice of materials, ease of use and uniqueness), as well as simplicity, functionality and a timeless sense of presence.

The award-winning work of this year’s competition is “The beauty of wasting” by duo artists Lisa Ogawa and Tomomi Kawashima. (Top Image)

According to the judges, it is “(an) inspiring design for sustainable consumables” and “profound work that is not fudged by superficial impressions or played with by ambiguity and elusiveness, but is thoughtful, clear and solid in its answers (…). Not just content with interesting points of view, great ideas and inspiration, but they are incorporated into a beautiful and refined form that encompasses those ideas well”. Especially, “In a time when solutions to climate change are one of the world’s top priorities, it is important to understand that our way of life must change, starting with the way we consume. At the same time, the project encourages a dialogue about each person’s personal history, (…) It is a very simple, beautiful, conceptually strong and very thoughtful design.”

As in previous years, many design professionals and media representatives gathered for the joint exhibition in 2022, which was graced by the works of the Grand Prize winners, Ogawa and Kawashima. It was a meaningful and valuable event, opening up conversations for promising future possibilities.




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