Four GARDE-designed properties won awards at the International Design Awards 2021!

The International Design Awards (IDA) was established in 2007 to discover, recognize, and promote excellence in architecture, interior, product, graphic, and fashion design from around the world.

The jury consists of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in their respective industries, and entries are judged randomly and anonymously to ensure fair and impartial judging.

The awards are not simply for beauty or artistic value, but also for innovation (providing new creations for the market or complementing/improving existing products and services), functionality (ease of use, safety, ease of maintenance), ergonomics (is it based on user-first principles?), durability (quality and longevity), and social impact (social benefits of the design), utility (does it meet the user’s objectives and needs), ecological compatibility (are potential environmental and ecological impacts addressed), production feasibility (technical and economic realities of production and large-scale use), Emotional Quotient / EQ (achievement of practical objectives and design enjoyment and satisfaction) the criteria are said to be wide-ranging and demanding, including the achievement of practical objectives and design enjoyment and satisfaction.

For such an award as the IDAs, four properties, “THE ME,” “Gurney Food Hall,” “VMware,” and “KL EAST MALL,” received Honorable Mentions. They were recognized for their originality and special design.


GARDE enters numerous national and international awards each year with the goal of spreading the word about the excellence of its space and design, even after the property design is completed.


■International Design Awards official website:


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